How vietnameses celebrate Christmas?

22 décembre 2019 par Tho Nguyen Thi Hong

Have you ever celebrated Christmas in Vietnam ? If you are planning to do this, remember to visit the following fantastic places to spend an unforgettable holiday.

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Christmas lights

Large cities such as Saigon, Hanoi, Da Nang or many Christian cities will begin to decorate their buildings from the beginning of December. You will see many streets sparkling with the light of the Christmas lights and outdoor artificial pine trees, snowman statues, Christmas caves, and so on. They look extremely bright, striking with new, colorful designs that nobody can ignore. It is better to look at the lights from 6-10 pm. Riding a motorbike along these roads is the best way to enjoy Christmas in Vietnam.

Visit the main cathedrals in the big cities, such as Saigon Notre-Dame Cathedral, St. Joseph's Cathedral at Hanoi or Phat Diem Stone Cathedral at Lưu Phương. They are surely the most attractive architecture during Christmas, thanks to their Catholics who spent time and work hard to decorate Caves and Stars. Some churches also have live musical performances on Christmas Eve.

Shopping malls across the country are great places to celebrate Christmas. In these buildings, they tend to build large things, many bright lights to draw pedestrians' attention. A walk around these buildings for a photoshoot is a great activity for Christmas day. Some of our recommended locations are Saigon Center, Van Hanh Mall or Diamond Plaza. Another great place to hang out and relax is the parks. Christmas lights are hung on flowers, and all trees to brighten up the whole place. You can visit for free and bring some snacks.

Christmas market

In Vietnam, Christmas markets are not popular, you often find different stores in several streets. But when you're in Saigon, go shopping in the big Christmas market on Hai Thuong Lan Ong Street, District 5. Here you will find all Christmas decorations such as Santa Claus clothing, fake pine trees, string lights, pine cones, snowballs and many other decorations.

Where to eat

You have a lot of dining options to celebrate Christmas in Vietnam. We recommend dining at Market 39 InterContinental Saigon, Pincho Tapas at Hanoi or The Grill Sheraton Grand at Da Nang. Don't forget to make a reservation in advance to have seats on the Eve and Christmas Night. Another suggestion is the sidewalk eateries or small places located in the alleys of the city. Here you can enjoy many great dishes with traditional Vietnamese flavors. However, you can wait in line or take out during the holidays. Some places to visit are Café Tra Chanh and Buffet Sen in Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi, or iCoffee and Catholic town in district 8, Saigon.

Where to play

If you want to go out, simply enjoy the Christmas atmosphere, visit Saigon. The city has some unique places for holiday decorations, where you can meet many local people, such as Anh Sao Bridge, Chinese town, Catholic town in district 8, Notre Dame Cathedral, and ice cafe in Tan Phu district. All are decorated with countless bright lights with the lively and cheerful atmosphere.

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