How Vietnamese celebrate the New Year?

29 décembre 2019 par Tho Nguyen Thi Hong

How do you plan to celebrate this important moment in Vietnam in the coming new year? See some of the great suggestions below for the memorable celebration.

New Year's Eve

The night of December 31 is the day when we gather to see the fireworks, say goodbye to the old year, and welcome the new year in Vietnam. The most lively is at Saigon, Hanoi, and Da Nang. You see many flower pots placed at any place around the city. Happy New Year banners, red decorations such as new year envelopes, couplets and lanterns are hung in many places especially the large commercial area.

The midnight is the countdown time in the city center. Most provinces have firework shows at 00:00 and live musical performances during that time. Large cities such host the event at the same time. You can visit squares and parks to join with the locals.

New Year

New Year's Day is also the day of many interesting festivals in Vietnam. When in Hanoi, don't forget to visit the flower festival or the local market of several ethnic groups living in the North. The natives sell many unique goods such as clothing, fabrics, flowers and other local products. You also have the opportunity to learn about different cultures in Vietnam on this occasion.

In Ho Chi Minh City, you can enjoy artistic lighting displays and 3D graphics in the center on New Year's Eve. Besides, there are bike races and performing art shows at night in many districts of the city.

Where to eat

You can find many eateries for New Year in Vietnam at various prices. When you're in Saigon, stop at EON51 at the Bitexco Financial Tower to enjoy a luxury dining table. For traditional dishes, visit Ốc Đào and Bánh xèo Ăn Là Ghiền in District 1. There is also Bui Vien Walking Street and Turtle Lake, the ideal place to try the popular snacks in Vietnam.

In Hanoi, you will find restaurants around West Lake such as shrimp in batter, Khuc Quan pie, mixed girdle-cake, fried spring rolls, green papaya salad with dried beef, and boiled snail dishes. We also recommend eating at some popular restaurants like The Rooftop Bar & Restaurant or Ngon Phố. They serve a variety of dishes from the grill, seafood, stew to wines, beer, and other drinks.

Where to play

Vietnamese people have 1 day off for this holiday, so they love to travel to places near the city. It only takes 1-2 hours to move, but you can still relax in the beautiful landscape. When in Hanoi, the Thao Vien resort is the perfect place to rest with a service of professional massage and entertainment. Then you can eat famous local dishes here.

Also, you can go to Serena Resort if you want to learn more about Vietnamese villages. The resort is fairly modern but lies between hills and fields. You can completely relax when separated from the city and enjoy the idyllic activity here.

In Saigon you can visit the ecological areas of Thuy Chau in Binh Duong, Giang Dien in Dong Nai or Ho May in Vung Tau. These places have wonderful, safe and peaceful natural landscapes. The journey time is approximately 2-3 hours by motorbike, and faster by car, so you can go back in the day.

Tho Nguyen Thi Hong

Writer and translator

She has lived and traveled to some cities like Dong Nai, Saigon, Dalat, etc. Her knowledge varies from history, culture, travel, and more. Her work appears on Trip-N-Travel and Nipponrama.